Fully Ripened

November 2013

Wine & Thankfulness

 All relationships [wine, friendships, and writing] take work to make them successful”

Alice Langholt

thank you note

One wonderful thing gave me more inspiration this summer and it was the outpour of new friendships.  My old schoolmate reached out and hosted and designed my wine tasting website. Another old friend, whom I am lucky to have (always) even paid my domain fee for a couple of years in advance so I could maintain my branding signature; The Timid Palate; and I think I have turned into a wino because my best-est friends have fallen in love with wine. Along with learning tasting knowledge they collect wines for us to taste weekly.

I’m tapping into my reserve energies this New Year with new friends helping me learn the wine and writing business.  I know there are many people who wouldn’t mind seeing their face on the cover of Wealth Magazine but if you are like me and seen years of putting portions in for others and gaining nothing for yourself, then it’s our season for gaining our portions. I call being financially healthy “gaining my portion” and living free of self-bankruptcy. I know Prince says it best, “we all can’t be on top” but I refuse to be thankless during the wealth-building process.

I have found in my many years of entrepreneurship that being thankful is extremely important because it is our customers and supporters who put the numbers in the income we want. In this vicious first, get all, take all, and give and share nothing at all, (ME) cycle, is what I call self-bankruptcy. Self-bankruptcy is an imbalance of wanting more income and lesser outcome meaning taking more and giving less of you, especially to others who are doing for you.  For example, the successes of many successful people sound like this: No time for others because, am always too busy to assist, support, or serve anybody else but me- makes us slaves to selfishness not our work.

Since this open journey with my writing about wine and attaching it to a theme each month, I’m stuck on my silly mantra I learned years ago but forgot which I will share later in my essay. Let me stick to this point first, I still send paper cards, write notes on cheap expensive-looking stationary, purchase cutesy ink pens just to say: thank you for allowing me to share this product and time, or service or opportunity with you. I say this every time I purchase something from someone now. I do this because as I mentioned earlier on, there is a great many of us not earning portions from successful people we joyfully support and do business with.  Don’t you agree that you should start gaining a portion of what you sow especially into the lives of successful people.

I’ve recently started again to speak my “thankfulness” mantra by reaching out to pose my timid questions to Spirit and Wine beverage distributors and also to Editors for support and feedback. To my amazement I received numerous responses these past months including two from Wine distributors. I wrote explaining my journey about writing.  One editor wrote, “ your (emotional and scaling) writing is starting to resemble personal essays I encourage you to submit them, then emailed me a free e-book for beginner writers along with a personal lists to specific magazines. I remembered this mantra again just in the time of Thanksgiving, what a timely harvest!

Thank you for allowing me to share my writings with you, you read, I read, and we all read so, try my “thankfulness” mantra and let me know what you receive back this New Year .


The Timid Palate

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