Wine & Grapes and People

DonnaJoAnnA drive in the pouring rain a few weeks ago almost found me like a duck of sorts. Who knows what one might get when they show up unannounced in plaid galoshes, (rain boots)? Nonetheless, you all are starting get to know me through my travels and wine questions. I visited Romano Vineyard & Winery in Brandywine Maryland a month ago. This is a very unusual business in deed because it started out as a honey bee farm. My new friend and gracious hostess allowed me and a friend to wipe off our boots and explore a new-found knowledge about a particular hybrid beauty called the Chambourcin, grape.

I had already known I was going to purchase a bottle of Merlot. She asked,” you’re going to buy a bottle of wine before tasting it”? Why, yes, I said. Then we

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Wine & The Nobility of Sound


Music is the added backbone in my life. The life-hood melodies played throughout my daily routine called, the giant wick remind me of my early mornings when my writing is ignited awakened by the sounds of strange foot-steps; blaring music from the cars gone by; birds singing; quiet words talking in my head or my heart; all the while wrapping these noble sounds around my earlobe. I open my wine journal and scribble this:

All things make a musical or pictorial impression”. . . ..

Ralph Waldo Emerson

No other words came after this until I caught up with Marcus Johnson the following week who shared his love for jazz and talking about his newest family addition; the introduction of his lifestyle brand the FLO wine collection, among other things. His new FLO wine label is teasing the

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Wine & A Point of View

CIMG0792Examine the picture to your left. I think there is so much to take in from a view like this so I titled this one; ‘ Elevated Dance’. A long hour and a half drive away from Washington, DC was well worth the energy with a friend to celebrate a 41st birthday. The Cobbler Mountain Cellars in Delaplane, Virginia invited the wine club members down to taste their summer reserve wine collections.
On another note, I don’t care how high the price of good living increases ; I will “elevate my dance” to enjoy it.
I centered my amateur eye through the lenses of my camera and captured this amazing view of a manicured landscape of heaven-touching mountains; trees; shy animals, grape vines, other nearby vineyards, wild flowers; and streams. There stood one humble modestly

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Wine & Preserved Memories

ChardonnayWineJellyNothing has touched my spirit more than motherhood. This weekend many of us celebrated our mothers as the ‘Best Mother on Earth’. I’d like to share with you a little something about me. I have two beautiful male children who are 15 years a part in age. Yes they are different like an eggplant and a banana but they are truly mines. We spent the entire Mother’s Day, Sunday doing what I wanted to do. We ate vegan ice cream and other unusual delights. My eldest son is a vegetarian and the youngest just likes to eat and is allergic to peanuts and or peanut-made products. Then we browsed my favorite local D.C flea market all the while as they pushed, foot clipped, giggled, and horsed-played with each other. I would often glance over my shoulder; a memory always preserved

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Wine & Men and Women of Steel

LavarArringtonSlowly I find myself opening up more and asking some unique people my timid question; do you drink wine. When they answer yes, I smile and fumble for my camera or my phone. Can I be honest; I fumble still over what the next questions might follow.  But no fumbles here this week, as I grace my blog page with a picture taken with one of many of my favorite linebackers, LaVar Arrington # 55, a former linebacker of the Washington Redskins.

LaVar Arrington didn’t fumble over my questions either and admitted he;” prefers dry and sweet types of wines sometimes when he dines out”. I turned my timid palate into steel courage and I gentle rushed at him as he was passing through the Verizon Center’s sports store.  My conversation with the handsome family man was far

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Com-Pairing Wine with Go-Go

DonnaSugarBearBeing a round-the-way- gurl and a former student of a famous performing arts school from Washington, DC can have its advantages like my Facebook page has infamous and famous celebs that message me and often times quite a many invites.

Another top-pick this week is Gregory “Sugar Bear” Elliott the founding member of Experience Unlimited (EU) go-go band. He asked last week, “How does a round-the-way girl know her way around wines”.  We all have dreams right? They manifest from thoughts and actions and make their way into reality. My writing took a quiet turn for a time and, now I’m beginning to expand on it more through blogging.

I was challenged to write about Go-Go and Wine some months ago.  The Corcoran Museum helped me out by the debut of the PUMP ME UP (see Wine Diaries)

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