Friend’s Fine Wine Pics for November 2013

ChocolatRouge, E & J Gallo Winery, Modesto California

Jamila’s famous first pick dark red wine satisfies the sweet tooth for a chocolate lover flavored black cherries with a creamy smooth taste yet lightly caramelizing the palate with a hidden scent like coins slipped between the car seats a spicy bouquet adores the nose. “Can be put in a gift-basket or a midnight delight for your lover or friend”, she says.

Jacob’s Creek, Sweet Red, Vintage 2012

Jamila’s famous final fine pick.” I like em’ dark and sweet Taylor”, she often says during football season, Here’s another Australian red sweet wine blended good with raspberries, cherries, and passion fruit too and touching down in the sweet tannin family and a rich hearty purple color.

Lindeman’s Bin 46, Sweet Red, South Eastern Australia, 2011

Jamila’s famous second fine pick defines luscious with ripe cherries and berries, light-bodied having a fruity bouquet.

Roederer Estate Brut Rose, Anderson Valley French Producer

Scotty’s handsome pick made for the soul of a good man who loves good company, good tasting spirits, and fast women. “Can it be full and round in taste but like a healthy female he asks? Why yes, I responded to my friend’s wine notes about the sparkling bubbly and tarty taste. He says, “smell like lemons but has a very nice sultry fizz to it”. “The nose and palate knows Scotty”, I said. “Good choice for the holidays”, he added.

FreiXenet Brut, Carta Nevada, 2012

My sister-in-law Tammie celebrates her siblings birthday with this gem of a champagne and I suggested to leave a bottle in her B & B for the next guests who taste buds can appreciate great hospitality. Amaro (dry) taste this straw wheat colored champagne might could ring in the New Year finding with its a subtle tangerine and lemon taste and with a discerning sniff one might detect rose petals and lingering spice bouquet then making its way under a tree..

2010, Francis Coppola, Pinot Noir, Silver Label, Monterey County

The Timid Palate’s very own taste pick suggested by my dear son, Pernell during my September birthday the threesome collection all surprised me by their unusual tastes and aromas. Coppola mostly oaky of them all with tobacco and a peppery long finish, a dark wine made with sour plums and blackberries.

2012, Mulderbosch, Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

This is 2 of the 3, Pernell’s collections had a spicy kick then rolled off the tongue with hint of cinnamon and floral flavors, medium bodied wine.

Bel-Mer Winery, Belize, Natural Pineapple Wine

This is 3 of 3 Pernell’s collections, A tropical fruit wine very young and happening, something sweet, something natural, something zangy, and high in acid resembling wheat ale color, toast to your health vegan people. Purchased on one of the many islands he traveled last year off the coast of Cuba.

Chateau Ste Michelle, Harvest Select, Sweet Riesling, Columbia Valley, 2012

Chateau Ste Michelle, Harvest Select, Sweet Riesling, Columbia Valley, 2012 My best tasting wine of the month wins with its rosy bouquet, sweet lime, apricots, and oranges an ample taste of flavors for a good balance that pairs well with fresh fruit, crab, Asian dishes, mild cheeses.