Wine & A Point of View

CIMG0792Examine the picture to your left. I think there is so much to take in from a view like this so I titled this one; ‘ Elevated Dance’. A long hour and a half drive away from Washington, DC was well worth the energy with a friend to celebrate a 41st birthday. The Cobbler Mountain Cellars in Delaplane, Virginia invited the wine club members down to taste their summer reserve wine collections.
On another note, I don’t care how high the price of good living increases ; I will “elevate my dance” to enjoy it.
I centered my amateur eye through the lenses of my camera and captured this amazing view of a manicured landscape of heaven-touching mountains; trees; shy animals, grape vines, other nearby vineyards, wild flowers; and streams. There stood one humble modestly looking house open and sharing its’ many blessings. I’m standing on a plateau in amazement thinking why couldn’t I have all of this; is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable, and why couldn’t Oprah have been my best friend. Okay, I’m recalibrated my psychology of tasting wine this is really what I wrote in my wine journal:   This is your quiet voice Timid Palate; Life is not the problem it is your limited points of view. Life is a mystery. Do not allow others to give you constant notifications about your circumstances. Surround yourself daily with beautiful places and things, and people who aren’t afraid of being better by something shared by you or someone else. Remain open-minded even if you don’t think you have a real need for what they have to offer–(sip, sip) with my pinky finger extended.
This is much like the complex wine making fermenting process (a story for another time).  What you witnessed is knowledge the world’s greatest commodity. Other ingredients can be; timing; keep showing up, people, trust, faith and will, risk, sharing, ideas, money, no money, desperation, (my personal favorite), and vision.
Thank you, I invite you to comment and add to this list. I promise to publish them all.
Final words, I don’t ever want to suffer from my excess of richness–ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, because I’m just learning how to connect the dots and align my peace. This very personal point of view is my true self-examination every time I look at this picture. I can’t wait to see what my season of harvest will grow in me.
Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions, and more tolerance“.
Benjamin Franklin
So cheers to ALL points of view,

The Timid Palate

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