Wine & Men and Women of Steel

LavarArringtonSlowly I find myself opening up more and asking some unique people my timid question; do you drink wine. When they answer yes, I smile and fumble for my camera or my phone. Can I be honest; I fumble still over what the next questions might follow.  But no fumbles here this week, as I grace my blog page with a picture taken with one of many of my favorite linebackers, LaVar Arrington # 55, a former linebacker of the Washington Redskins.

LaVar Arrington didn’t fumble over my questions either and admitted he;” prefers dry and sweet types of wines sometimes when he dines out”. I turned my timid palate into steel courage and I gentle rushed at him as he was passing through the Verizon Center’s sports store.  My conversation with the handsome family man was far from dry that day.  The friendly soft-spoken 6 foot 3 inch giant obliged me and posed for a memorable Kodak moment. I hope he likes reading my blog.  But more importantly, what do LaVar and the Timid Palate both have in common. Hockey!

LaVar Arrington was in town co-hosting a live sports coverage on how the Washington DC Capitals made a power win over the New York Rangers on Thursday, May 2, 2013 at the Verizon Center. So, I am happy to share this week’s blog with just the men and women of steel who overcame personal victories in our timid moments.

5cincoThis week’s wine selection is a rare dark red grape Spanish/French wine: 5 Cinco Joses’: ‘Old Vines’ 10 Garnacha, A very simplistic taste kind of dry/sweet; (drweet) taste noticed by the palate. An exclusively grown dark red grape called the, {garnache grapes}, from Spain, France, Australia, and U.S. ‘One Hard Workin’ Bottle’ is stamped on the bottle’s label.  A bouquet of marinated plums, blackberries, dark chocolate; (appropriately chosen for all fine brothers sportin’ jerseys everywhere); and surprisingly inexpensive too.

Cheers for tackling your goals this week,

The (woman of steel courage) Timid Palate

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