Wine & Preserved Memories

ChardonnayWineJellyNothing has touched my spirit more than motherhood. This weekend many of us celebrated our mothers as the ‘Best Mother on Earth’. I’d like to share with you a little something about me. I have two beautiful male children who are 15 years a part in age. Yes they are different like an eggplant and a banana but they are truly mines. We spent the entire Mother’s Day, Sunday doing what I wanted to do. We ate vegan ice cream and other unusual delights. My eldest son is a vegetarian and the youngest just likes to eat and is allergic to peanuts and or peanut-made products. Then we browsed my favorite local D.C flea market all the while as they pushed, foot clipped, giggled, and horsed-played with each other. I would often glance over my shoulder; a memory always preserved freshly of birthing them into the world. How I thought; did time make my babies grow so quickly into fine young men?

My DNA came out better on them and amazingly even with the age-gap difference they get along well. As I leaned in to ease drop on their conversation; it went something like this: the younger son makes it clear he is taller and the eldest believes he is better looking. Then the pushing, foot clipping, and giggling commenced again. The youngest calls over, “look Mom I bet you will like this to write about on your wine blog”. I hurried over and discovered Chardonnay Wine Jelly in an oblong shaped jar. I sampled it first as mothers often do; and nodded. Then my children tasted the sweet citrusy jelly with a hint of maybe sweet butter and white wine Chardonnay; too many times before having to pull them away from the vendor but not before buying a jar to take home.

Our wonderful evening ended with kisses, hugs; and the same boys will be boys shoving, foot clipping, and pushing me back and forth in their arms to measure up who could love me the most. I truly understand why some Women preserve their love– even if in jars.

Cheers to preserving love,

The Timid Palate

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