Wine & The Nobility of Sound


Music is the added backbone in my life. The life-hood melodies played throughout my daily routine called, the giant wick remind me of my early mornings when my writing is ignited awakened by the sounds of strange foot-steps; blaring music from the cars gone by; birds singing; quiet words talking in my head or my heart; all the while wrapping these noble sounds around my earlobe. I open my wine journal and scribble this:

All things make a musical or pictorial impression”. . . ..

Ralph Waldo Emerson

No other words came after this until I caught up with Marcus Johnson the following week who shared his love for jazz and talking about his newest family addition; the introduction of his lifestyle brand the FLO wine collection, among other things. His new FLO wine label is teasing the palates of folks from California to South Carolina; I am very proud of my little brother’s (not biological) accomplishments. He hugged me tight for a picture showing off our (made for TV) smiles.

Marcus Johnson is one of my favorite people because of his true humility towards reaping the benefits of his hard work and in how he extends and perfect his craft. We shared a few mints and laughs about how life was and before children were added; and how they can turn us around completely. Like me, he truly can admit that working hard requires playing twice as hard; a story he shared with all of us that night. I watched him rock back and forth while playing his noble sounds on his keyboard; I am writing of course and humming the “Old School” cords, and trying to get my story to connect to the man; his music, and trying to introduce a splash of wine into my literary thoughts.

I begin where I left off writing in my wine journal: A noble sound can make us shift as we change our well-being; we seek better; get better; know better; then do better. A noble sound can make you change your tune; you walk differently while holding up your chin much higher. A noble sound can change your rhythm; instead of doing things the same old way you wake up earlier to meet this new change. A noble sound can change your technique; recreating a new way of mastering a craft or intention. A noble sound can change your skill; whereas you produce different results. A noble sound can change your routine; doing away with a type of dryness that accidentally happened in your life; then replenishes your person, so you can reinvent yourself. A noble sound resonates like a sharp note causing a change in your mood; smiling because it wears on you better like the colors red, orange and yellow wore cleverly together then labeling it summer fruit punch.

My Noble Sound: Is more purposeful; dare me provocative; raising my perfectionist bar; increasing my self-worth; finally filling in those empty gray spots with passions reopened that were forced into a dormant and unfulfilled state. I‘m so excited for this rebirth and having heard the quiet sounds of nobility; I cannot wait to see the rest of what is shifting inside of me. What is your noble sound?

Cheers to seeing the end results of your noble sound,

The Timid Palate

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